Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I don't think me engines can take much more of it Captain!

I wish it was as simple as telling Scotty to "Eject the Core!" and then things would be alright. My husband has been in Seattle since Thursday and will be until Saturday. So I've been pretty much alone. Now don't get me wrong. I really do like my alone time. In fact I can be quite the homebody. But throw in this depressing weather, the snow and depression and it isn't a good combination. I know I should excercise but I can't get myself motivated to actually do it. I've thought about a personal trainer. Someone who could push me to just do it! What do you do to make yourself get up and move? I am open to suggestions.


Abby said...

I know exactly what you mean about having no motivation, I know my mood is so much harder to control in the Winter and I have absolutely no desire to do anything more than I have to each day. So Ive found ways to trick myself into staying active in the winter months.

Here are some of the things I try to do:
Dont make working out feel like work...find something that you are excited to do or learn! Yoga is an artform...you can add your own unique twist to the moves as you learn them, and develop them more as you gain strength. Although I was scared to look stupid in front of people trying new things and probably looking like an idiot, I got more excited about the new things than I did something I knew how to do. There are a lot of videos and things to do at home if you dont want people around too. Then you dont have to fight the problem of not wanting to go outside in the cold too!

Mix it up, don't let yourself get sucked into doing the same thing all the time, getting bored, and then quitting (I did that quite a bit). I have tried yoga, pilates, and kickboxing classes...I started walking/running/biking races because it gives you a date by which you need to be ready which forces you to get into gear (it sounds like a mountain to walk a couple of miles but in reality you realize that its not that hard)...I play with the Wii fit and even signed up for a dodgeball league on Wednesday nights to keep active. I have a responsibility to the team to show up and playing a video game doesnt seem like work but at least its keeping me active. In my experience, a personal trainer will annoy you and make you resent them...finding a partner to meet at the gym or siging up for things that you have a responsibility to show up for works better for me.

I may not feel like going...but once I do it I feel millions of times better about myself. When I started working out, I did it to lose weight, and Ive learned thats not best the way to approach it. Now that I have made it a part of my lifestyle, I feel guilty when I dont go because I miss that feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I did something good for myself today.

These are just my experiences but hope they helped :)

artworks_studio said...

Thanks Abby. You make some good points and have some great ideas. This winter has really kicked my ass. I knew I had to do something when I shovelled this morning and my lower back was screaming at me. Ridiculous. I know my mood would improve if I just moved it!

~AbbyLynn~ said...

This time of the year is the worst...I can handle a little bit of Winter but it seems to draaaaaag by this part...especially with the precip we've had this year! Makes me wonder why I never moved out of state...