Monday, August 29, 2011


 a new school year with a NEW box of crayons
there is something about the feel and smell of crayons that immediately takes me to my happy place

i saw a piece on Pineterest and had to re-pin it to my board - it was one of those AH-HA moments

a while back i wrote about a doodle  i had done
this doodle came about because of my daughter Kelsey - she is on the autistic spectrum and doesn't get the world the same way many other people do
we had many moments filled with all sorts of emotions and usually all in very loud voices
some of my art students got to experience Kelsey in all her "glory" after she stormed out of the studio one very sensitive and astute young man said very softly-

crayons melt- people shouldn't

i wanted to hug him because i knew exactly what he was thinking

 so when i saw the melted crayons on Pinterest i knew they belonged together like peanut butter and jelly

this is going on the studio wall
for Kelsey - because some days for her are like melted crayons - and even though she's melted down on me i can still see her beauty

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Why not? I mean what do you have to lose beside a little bit of time?
So that's what I did. I am competing with small businesses across America for a $50,000 grant from Intuit

You can help me win by voting for me. That red heart on my blog will help you do that.

What would I do with $50,000? oh my......

I would give my art room a total makeover. Currently I am teaching 90 private students in the studio. I love my art room but it could use some professional organizing instead of the hand-me-down make it work storage system I have now.

 The drop ceiling would disappear and it would be painted white with a loft and a skylight that would OPEN for fresh air.

And then there would be organized storage all on one wall in one place! Everything would be labeled so each one of my students could find what they need!

I would have this professionally designed and done by my very dear NEW architect friend Kristen Greteman.

Dreams can come true can't they?
If you vote for me you can help it happen.

Spread the word.
Thank you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

what is happening to us?

a group of well intentioned intelligent people in my community tried to get a bond issue passed to relocate our library- which is very small- to a new site. i became part of this group because i liked the fact that they were going to take a 'brownfield site"  and reclaim it for the library. this would clean up an area of our city that needs it plus it would keep our library located close to the center of town. this did not happen over night. a committee was formed over 5 years ago to look into a larger library. lots of time, effort and volunteer hours were spent on the project with two years spent on planning for the final chosen site. everything was OK until one man - just one- decided he didn't like this idea at all and he started a one man campaign against the project. he took out quarter page ads in the local newspaper. and when he was asked to have a sit down discussion and debate his views with the people who had been working on this project he refused. yet he continued to bully the community with propaganda and fear. did i mention that money was no object in his campaign- he personally funded his bully campaign.

 those of us who wanted to see this new library happen were able to generate over 1Million dollars in pledges and grants towards the project.

the bond issue was resoundingly defeated. the next day this bully had the audacity to call the president of the library board of trustees to ask if she wanted to work with him on his plan for the library- and it was OK to say no- she said no.

he then took about another quarter page ad in the newspaper and basically said we were poor sports about the vote so we  "took our ball and went home".

now, i don't know about you but when i was a kid i avoided  bullies. they didn't play fair and someone- usually me or my friends- got hurt. so we would pack up our things and leave. it wasn't easy to confront a bully.  and it still isn't.

i keep shaking my head and asking myself what is going on?

 i really would like to know.

why do we put up with this kind of behavior?