Thursday, March 10, 2011

random thoughts

lately there have been all these random thoughts and snippets of ideas floating in my head
i don't know where they come from but i do know that i have to write them down somewhere or they will take over and i'll get bogged down in them so here they are- no rhyme no reason no order-just random thoughts

there's a hole in my heart
i don't know how it got there or when
and i don't know how to fix it
i keep looking for the perfect patch
but stuff keeps leaking out no matter what i do

they told me to forget about him
turn and walk away
that boy -they said- is not good enough
for you
tell that to my heart
convince my soul that we don't belong together
and why should i listen to "them" anyway?
who are you to decide what is best for me?

who's idea was it to be the bravest?
i know it wasn't me
because i know i am NOT brave
it's all a mask
it's all pretend
it's what i do to get me through my day
yet everyone looks to me and says
you- go do it- you're the bravest
i am not!
i am terrified

i don't like these two words
they are so cold
so final
so...i don't know
....and they all lived Happily Ever After
how can they live Happily Ever After when it's followed by

there isn't anymore

1 comment:

Lita said...

I love that you are recording these thoughts! And I complettely connect with you about being seen as brave, but it's just a mask.