Monday, March 28, 2011

be the change you wish to see

about a week ago i wrote about change and how it happens and how hard it is. i was referring to internal change- a behavior or an attitude or outlook.

today it's about change again.

Susan is in the stripes on the right and
 I am in the back on the left without glasses
 my life is about to change as i know it. May 1st my oldest sister-Susan- is moving into my household.
she brings with her a suitcase full of medications
a cane
a walker
an oxygen machine
and her little dog Chloe

Susan is only 54 but has a lot of health problems- mental and physical health problems and she can't live alone anymore. we had a trial run this past week. you see she wanted to get her affairs in order while she was feeling pretty good. so she stopped at my brother's office and got him working on her will and power of medical attorney. then she picked out the funeral home she wanted and made an appointment to discuss her funeral arrangements and get things paid for....

and so many people tell me what a saint i am for doing this what a good person and how kind and....
and i am not- i am her sister and she has no place else to go.  we're family. mom used to say whenever we had to do something we really didn't want to do or made us uncomfortable that someday we'd get our reward in heaven....
i'm not looking for a reward in heaven. i'm not looking for sainthood. i'm just doing what's right. no one should have to die alone.
i was born and raised a catholic. i don't go to church anymore and practice catholicism anymore. but i do have faith. strong faith in something bigger and better than me.

this situation with my sister made me think about current events in the world
disasters strike, people loose their homes, their loved ones even their own lives. kids are left orphaned and people are left hopeless, helpless and depressed.
this is just my own personal opinion but i feel that many people find it easier to help a perfect stranger than someone in their own family. how many times have you said let me know if i can do anything while secretly hoping that person never will.
text a $10 donation to the red cross and never have to interact with another human.
if the sermon  moves you enough throw a couple of bucks into the extra collection for the poor....and so on and so forth
when it comes right down to it how many people are actually willing to DO something?

i texted my $10 dollar donation to the red cross for Japan.
i threw a couple of dollars into the collection plate and left.
i can't take the next flight to Hati and help rebuild and i can't do anything more for Japan but i can do somehting right here in my own house. taking my sister in won't put an end to hunger nor will it be the impetus for world peace. what it will do is make a difference in the life of one woman- my sister- and in doing that maybe it will make a difference in the lives of her two daughters and maybe in turn it will make a difference in the lives of their four sons....and so on and so forth...and maybe i can be the change i wish to see in the world...


Anonymous said...

Laura, I'm so grateful Fish pointed me to your blog. There is so much changing in the world right now -- so much that compels us to change in response, yet there is precious little advice on how precisely to do that changing. Your post is elegant in its simplicity: Change humanely, change how you can and then you change what you can.

Thanks. Nadia

priti.lisa said...

By putting your trust in the unknown you can accomplish great things...everything will be OK...and maybe it will be even better than that :)
I'll say an extra prayer for you...

Susan said...

Say a prayer for me. I'm scared to death! I don't do change well. I hate needing help. I am the caretaker. I am the one who is supposed to always answer the call for help. It's unsettling. It's against everything I was hardwired to be. The challenge will not be in how we will get along. The challenge will be in quashing that caretaker gene and relinquishing it to my little sister, and leaving all of my independence behind..... Susan

artworks_studio said...

Hey Susan? I love you. We can do this and make it good :)