Tuesday, March 15, 2011


change is a scary word.

there are 38 different ways to use the word. verb, noun, idiom...the definition that i am referring to is this one: to become different:... to become altered or modified... to become transformed

when someone close to you changes it can be difficult to accept. it can make you question their motives and maybe even re-examine your life. when you try to change a facet of your personalty or a behavior it's a big risk. some people in your life refuse to accept the idea that you are changing. they can be very detrimental to your progress and may even sabotage your efforts.

change is not easy. but it's necessary. think about it- if nothing ever changed- life would be stagnant.

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Tess said...

You know what I am going through...you wrote this to me...yes, you are correct. Change is inevitable and I must accept that my little brother is changing and may never again be the man he was. I must believe he will be a better man. And even though he is changing, growing, different. he is still my little brother. (But I do miss the one I am so used to.)