Friday, February 25, 2011

we are NOT amused

i am having one of those weeks where i have begun to wonder which of the gods i pissed off and why...
if it can go wrong it has

exam went great- the Dr and I were finally on the same page on what my vision needs are for the type of work i do and the kind of vision i have- we compromised on two pairs of glasses one pair just for the studio and the other pair for the rest of the time-
the non- studio glasses were finished first- picked them up and things look a little wonky but i figured it was due to stronger distance lenses( my distance vision is getting worse but my close up keeps improving)
by the end of the day i was back to wearing my old glasses because the new ones were not quite right- but decided to give them a chance because i WAS wearing them in the studio....

the studio glasses are in- they are AWESOME! i can SEE! i wear them out of the store and run into a friend and we talk for about 20 minutes outside...then i notice something is not quite right
the left lens is dark and the right lens is crystal clear- it was like wearing weak 3-d glasses in the sun-
by the time i got back to the vision center they were gone for lunch....sigh.....
next day i take them back and they are apologetic and my glasses will be back and correct next week- i am still undecided on the first pair because i can not wear them in the studio- i have to take them off to do any close up work- computer-jewelry making- CUTTING WITH SCISSORS!
it's annoying
and i am always taking them off and then forgetting where i put them

then there's the cell phone debacle
i am due for an upgrade - there are 5 lines on my plan- 4 of the 5 phones only work part of the time
2 of the 5 phone users are not known for their patience
3 of the 5 phone users live 100 - 800 miles away
i figured let's have an online discussion of phones available and what individual needs are and i-being the primary account holder- will order them all online- simple yes?
in theory too simple- the ordering process went smoothly and the phones arrived the next day as promised
joshua was able to run right down to the Verizon Store in town and get all his information moved to the new phone- for a $10 fee
i did not have time to do that so i figured i would use back up assistant online -which worked like a dream- until it came time to move the data to my NEW phone- sorry- they don't want to play nice- ok I can wait until thursday night and get my phone taken care of at the Verizon Store
meanwhile....i get carolyne's phone boxed up and ready to ship to Cincinnati - better insure it and get it registered receipt requested to be safe- being cautious cost me 45 minutes at the counter at the post office because the postage machine printer kept malfunctioning on the counter clerk- and of course when i walked into the post office there was no one waiting and as soon as my package got into the system 4 people walked in and here i am tying up the window as 6 more people walk in and the line is out the door....and i keep aplogizing for the delay which isn't my fault it's the stupid machine

geesh- ok package is now out of my hands

last night i go to the Verizon Store and they make me wait for 35 minutes i don't mind waiting- i really don't -what i DO mind is this: he hands me back my phone and says oh- we can't perform this service for you because THIS store doesn't sell THIS phone- it's at this moment i notice the HUGE sign hanging on the wall behind him extolling the virtues of online back up assistance...

you're kidding right? no

phone number 4 is on its way to daughter number 3 in Omaha via KayTay who is on her way to visit and phone number 5 is waiting for Kelsey to get home tonight for Spring Break.

my phone is sitting here on my desk mocking me as i MANUALLY put EVERYTHING into it

the frosting on this particular cake happened this morning when i discovered my period had started after a two month absence - being a woman of a certain age where this kind of thing happens and MY BRAND of tampons had been DISCONTINUED!

they couldn't wait until i was finished with menopause?
of course not
patience over


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I've had a series of bad days of late, but I have to say, YOUR bad day tops it all! (especially the tampon part...thank heavens I am past the need for least that is what I think...)
I have horrible eyesight that is not improving; trying to get a script for glasses is a joke. Am wearing my contacts because I can sorta *see best* with them.
Aging is NOT for sissies!!! LOL!!!


artworks_studio said...

Anne- thanks for the support! Today I could kick a cat and I LIKE cats! I have three of them but I am just that frustrated! GAH!

Crystal said...

I'm really sorry for the troubles, really I am, but I can't help it, that last bit about your period and the tampons made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the much needed laugh.