Saturday, February 19, 2011


i think learning is a lifelong endeavor. you should never stop learning. there is so much to see and do and well, just learn!

i have spent the weekend with my sister and a friend of mine. we have been creating art all weekend. each one of us has perfected a process or technique. we love what we do and enjoy teaching others. so the first two days have been spent sharing. tomorrow we will take what we have learned and actually do something with it.

image transfer on painted background
with stamped images
 i was so proud of my first ever image transfer. and C enjoyed printing on her gelatin plate. i LOVE the iron on image transfer paper for fabric and paper. AWESOME!!! and Shari was challenged with her elevated shrine box project. i am still not sure if this piece is finished. every time i look at it i think! I did that....

you know it's good to learn and share and teach. we have had good food, good company, good music and good times.

so, never stop learning. never stop sharing your knowledge with others and most of all keep having fun while you do it!

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