Monday, February 21, 2011

it's a love/hate relationship

that describes my relationship with technology in general and my cell phone in particular
i like having the accessibility but hate the technology
i have a 5 person family plan- one phone for me and then one each for the kids and my phone as the primary account is eligible for an upgrade
this is where the love/hate comes in
I LOVE the idea of getting a NEW phone
I HATE the idea of getting a new phone

too many choices and features and bells and whistles and such when my BIGGEST question is WHY does reception suck in the art room in the studio? and why can't they fix that? my daughter in Cincinnati has to stand by her window in the living room to talk to me when she is at home in her daughter in Sioux City has so many dead spots that her calls get dropped to me all the time...the one in Omaha is 90% text and has few issues and my son- well I would say he's pretty hard on a phone- OK that's putting it politely

so here i am in cell phone hell
why does it say my phone is eligible for free upgrade but not theirs?
where can i figure out this out?
does this mean i can only upgrade my phone? i do not want to go through this painful process more than once every two years

what will the bottom line be? is free really free or are there hidden charges?


they want you to use the stupid website but then make it so confusing it's ridiculous! and i consider myself to be fairly intelligent

and as long as I am on the subject- why can't "they" design a printer for my computer that thinks like an artist?
sometimes I only need to print a 4 x 6 - and yes I change my printer settings for photo paper- but my printer can tell when it's not photo paper and is something else

i told you- love/ hate all the way

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am such a Luddite, I have a pay as you go cell that I seldom turn on other than to see if it is charged!
I still have a land line because living in the middle of nowhere, there is almost NO reception.
And I like it because when I am gone from the house, NO PHONE! (that makes me happy!!!)
I think sometimes they come up with all these gizmos to drive us nuts.
For me, that is NOT a long drive.... ;-D