Monday, April 5, 2010

dark days

I have a student who is pretty cool. He's different and a bit of a misfit but then I find that most of my art students are like that. I'm a misfit too! One day he wandered into the studio and I asked how hios day was going. He sat down and said I'm having a dark day. All I want to do it talk. So we did. I totally understand a 'dark day'. And it seems that depresison and being creative are connected. Talking helps when I am feeling dark.


City Wiccan said...

Just found your blog. I'm also an artist and teacher . . . that suffers from depression. Saw your post on someone else's wall too about Mary. Was intrigued and came over.
I understand your dark days. I have them too :(

artworks_studio said...

thanks for coming over. I hope you get some insight with my blog.