Thursday, April 8, 2010

rhymes with orange

nothing rhymes with orange- that's why orange is such a weird word. it doesn't know where it fits in. it's a color it's a flavor it's a fruit. and you can't make up a silly song that rhymes with it and it's hard to use in poetry. if i say i am feeling blue or everything is rosy you know what i mean. i can feel peachy and there is the apple of my eye. there is black comedy and everyone wants to go green. brown rhymes with a lot of words and everyone wants to be in the pink but not thought of as yellow. but orange? today I feel like orange... 'nuff said.


Lita said...

I want to thank you for your kind comment on my story over on Close Knit. It means alot to know I am not alone, and that there is someone willing to listen if I need an ear. I've read through many of your entries here on your blog and think you are an amazing woman. So many of your posts remind me of times in my life, just proving that yes, we are not alone. I particularly loved your 'Rhymes With Orange Post' (something about it just made me think YES!)and think it would make a great art journal page!
Thanks again for your kind words :)

Lita said...

I just keep thinking of this post - it says so much for me. Would it be ok if I use the idea in my own art journal? With credits given of course :)

artworks_studio said...

Lita- Please do. If it helps you then I am honored that you find my words comforting.

Lita said...

Thank you so much! It is just absolutely perfect. Can't wait to use and share the finished product with you!