Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just wondering....

When I was a kid I practically lived otdoors. As soon as I could I'd be out the door and outside playing with my friends and stopping to eat was an annoyance more than anything. Our neighborhood was filled with kids and their was always a game of kick the can or pickle or steal the flag going on. If no one was out side yet you hung out in your drive way shooting hoops or bouncing a playground ball. It didn't take long before one or two kids joined you and next thing you knew you had a game of four square or horse going on.

Now I hardly ever spend time outside it seems. I walk to and from my car. When I get home afterwork I might sit out on the deck. We are supposed to have very nice weather this week. Sunny and warm- I'll be indoors working all day. Maybe that's part of my depression. Maybe the Europeans have it right- from noon to three we all lock our doors and go home, eat lunch, sit outside and relax or putz in the garden-soak up some vitamin D and fresh air then go back to work. Maybe there would be fewer depressed people.

~it's just a thought-

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