Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"i am sorry the number you have dialed has been disconnected or is temporally out of service. if you feel have reached this message in error please hang up and dial again...."

driving home from work last night i was behind a mini van and inside they were watching 'king fu panda' on their little dvd player

that bothered me
not kung fu panda - cute movie- it bothered me that there were probably children in that vehicle- being entertained by an electronic device

i am a mom- i have 4 kids- all grown up now and there were car trips when i wished there was something to keep them quiet and entertained -usually on long car trips

but then i thought about all the short trips around town with them and snippets of long ago conversations floated through my head

"mom- you need to turn here"
"because the sun is in my nose and i don't like it"

"are we lost?"
"good, i am not sure i really want to go on an adventure right now"

"hey mom?'
"can i talk to you about something...."

hey parent in the van? maybe if you disconnect now you won't be disconnected from your children later- just saying'

car time is priceless

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