Thursday, September 29, 2011

directionally challenged

why is that some people have this natural sense of where things are?
like some sort of internal GPS and no matter where they are the never seem to get lost?
not me
i am directionally challenged- this is not a comment on my stature- being only 5ft tall i think i have heard EVERY short joke. ever.

nope this is more like I get lost


pretty weird for someone who always scored phenomenally well on the maps portion of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills- OK so maybe not so weird when you consider i was not trying to read the map and drive at the same time.
i will be headed to Omaha this weekend to spend some time with Biz and it is causing some anxiety because i am not real familiar with the Omaha area and after awhile all cities start to look alike and what you thought was a landmark was really something you saw in another city

it all makes me crazy

so, if i don't post again it's because i got lost going into Omaha and ended up in the wilds of South Dakota and got attacked by a wild flesh eating Jackalope. (those critters are dangerous)

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