Friday, January 28, 2011

the blessings list

back in september i wrote about the bucket list - you know that list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. i am 49 years old- it has been bothering me that i will be 50 in 6 months...
FIFTY-(that's a scary number)
so i thought of all the things i want to accomplish and that got me to thinking how i got to where and who i am

right now

so i have come up with a blessing list- i have been blessed with so much in my life that when i focus on the hamster wheel of everyday living i here's my list
  • a strong supportive yet at times annoying family and parents who gave me roots and wings
  • lifelong friends - you know the ones you can call at 4 am and they will talk to you
  • carolyne, kelsey, elizabeth and joshua
  • cookies- the person who made the first cookie should be honored with their own national holiday
  • the two men who have loved me enough to marry me and put up with me- both are uniquely special 
  • the one who got away
so what have i done for 50 years?
dropped out of college,ran my own business,got married,had 4 kids,got divorced,published a book,got married again....


but....i have walked down Drury Lane looking for the Muffin Man
stood in Westminster Abbey~the sacred space of kings, queens, statesmen, poets, priests, hero's and villains
left a tuppence on the steps of St Paul's for the birds
walked up Edinburgh Rock and looked out over the Pentland Hills

on the terrace at teresina's house

walking down the street in Belsito, Italy

i ate tarallis as I walked the streets of Belsito, Italy- the birthplace of my family - and shared an afternoon meal with my cousin Teresina Porco and her family

i have stood among hundreds of butterflies and felt them landing like a wish upon my person....been moved to tears by the beauty of carolyne's voice as she sang...laughed in a sudden summer rain shower and celebrated it...used up all the pink sidewalk chalk with my granddaughter...experienced sunsets, moon rises, ocean views, and lazy lake days.... it's all good.


Heather said...

That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing...I loved it!

My name is Cindy said...

Fifty is just a number. Without wishing to sound too cheesy don't count your years, make the years count. What a wonderful celebration of memories and experiences - that's what it is all about!!