Thursday, November 21, 2013

colored bright and sprinkled with glitter

the opposite of depressed is manic
i have been in a manic phase the past few weeks- it doesn't happen often
in fact I can't remember the last time i was manic

i have been painting, knitting, sewing, collaging and creating
i can't turn my brain off
so many ideas are floating in my head
sketched onto papers
roughed out on canvas

pieces of that idea over there
parts of this one over here

the stuff leaning against the wall is important
take that home to have james cut it down

where did I put the______
....all of the above

poor james
he has never witnessed this part of my depression
i can't sleep and when i do it's restless and keeps him awake

but i don't want to DO anything to change this manic episode- i am creating such wonderful pieces
right now my world is filled with colors and shapes and textures

and  if i try to fix it and level out again
the creative ideas will stop
and i will just trudge through my gray life again

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