Tuesday, April 16, 2013

june 15, 2001

my mother was a reader and i grew up in a house with books and newspapers- magazines not so much- but many books
a trip to the library once a week was part of our summer routine - it was also a well organized event- an hour before we were due to depart each one of us was required to gather all of our books- granted she only allowed us to check out 4 books each (and when you multiply that times 6-7 kids that's a lot of books!)
each of us was responsible for our own books
i kept mine on the bottom shelf of the book case in my bedroom - that way I always knew where they were
once in awhile some of us would pool our books together and make check out cards for the books and play library- yep we were just that cool

organized people make lists- and since my mother was VERY organized she was quite the list maker

i was looking in one of my file cabinets yesterday and i found these
i forgot i had them
they are the notebooks of lists she kept of books she wanted to read
and books she had read
 when she died
she was on notebook number 16 of books she had read and there were 45 books on her list of books to read


Priti.Lisa said...

We used to play Library too! ♥

Kas Clausen said...

Your momma was a fun lady with a voracious appetite for reading and learning. I always enjoyed working with her on Community Theatre projects. It was a privilege knowing her.
Kas Clausen