Thursday, April 5, 2012

won't give up

i have been very taken with the new jason mraz single "i won't give up" pretty powerful lyrics and message

and it got me to thinking about life and where i am and who i am

i am a woman who will fight for what i believe in
i will speak out loud for a cause
i am not seeking fame or fortune or popularity
i will fight for my family - against cancer, against insurance companies, against injustice
i support my children when they think for themselves and make their own decisions even if i don't agree

our differences shouldn't tear us apart it should bring us closer together

and my family is more than the people i am related to
i'm your friend till the bitter end

i won't give up

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My name is Cindy said...

Good for you. I hope today is a sunny day for you. And tomorrow. Best sometimes not to think further than that. Cindy