Saturday, February 11, 2012


it's a funny word. sometimes i look at a word and then i really LOOK at it and it gets me to thinking....
which lead me to looking up "umbrella"

"Parasol" from "para" meaning to stop or to shield and "sol" meaning sun. The word "umbrella" evolved from the Latin "umbella" (an "umbel" is a flat-topped rounded flower) or "umbra", meaning "shaded."
thank you Wikipedia

an umbrella is supposed to shield you from the rain - or in the case of a parasol shade you from the sun


from the rain and the sun and sometimes it can be used as a means to protect you from a hostile situation

i like umbrellas. it's a cocoon of portable personal space. you can listen to the rain drops on top and see them drip off the sides. a parasol is the same way-you claim your own personal space of shade- like a bubble. and it's cozy there. yeah- umbrella

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