Monday, April 18, 2011

the dark side...headed into the light

everyone has a dark side. i have been visiting mine lately. the ups and down of the weather has had me up and down. even my UV sessions haven't been much help. i'm still sleepy and dragging through my days. but i do know it's going to get better. the sun will shine and the days will get warmer and i'll spend a lot of time outside.

that's my spring resolution- to spend more time outside. walking, pulling weeds,reading and my favorite- sitting on the front steps. sometimes i sit on my front steps and i can see the neighborhood i grew up in- kids up and down the streets. playing baseball in the field across the street and steal the flag in the yard next door. foursquare in my driveway and basketball in theirs. cutting through my backyard to the neighbors behind me so I wouldn't have to walk all the way around the hill to get to my friend's house at the bottom of the hill...

i need to spend more time walking along the creek in the park...that's full of memories too....where did the time go?

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