Wednesday, December 8, 2010

miss cranky pants and the word NO

i am one of those people who get involved. and when i am involved in something i give it 100%. i can't say yes to something and then only give it a little bit of attention. i have been trying to resign from our local community theatre for the past few months. it's on the agenda but no one seems to want to discuss it. i am president of the board and have been for several years. i enjoy being involved with the theatre because i get to indulge in my need to express my self by designing sets and costumes. my area of expertise in theatre is making it all look fabulous. and i'm not going to lie- i do damn fine job of it! it would be great if that was all i had to do.

the past couple of productions have proved to me that it is time to step down. i have been a total bitch to be around and that is not good for anyone. so it's time to step down and step away from the stage. the only thing that keeps me in place is this- no one else wants to step in and take it on. so, if i walk away what happens and should i care? i do care because i've been involved in community theatre since i was 12 years old. AND I LOVE IT!

i just don't want to be in charge anymore. so what do i do? how do i find other people to get involved and take some of the responsibility off my shoulders? if that would happen i'd stay because i really do love it.

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